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Equipamento Astro / fotográfico


Miguel Claro ao lado do equipamento fotográfico. 21-01-2010


More Images: Image 1  /  Image_2  / Image_3  /  Image_4  /  Image_5



Equipment used by the author:


Cameras and lens:

  • Canon 50D and Canon 400D

  • Sigma EX-Series 10-20mm;

  • Sigma 70-300mm APO

  • Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II

  • Canon 18-55mm

Accessories, filters and tripods:

Angle "C" Viewfinder 1.25x-2.5x, Battery Grip; Circular polarized filter; Cokin 830P Filter; Cullman tripod "high"; Sony R100 tripod "short"; Remote Switch, Sandisk Extreme III 2GB and 8 GB at 200X.

For Astronomy pictures:

Maksutov Telescope and Solar Baader filter




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