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Miguel Claro lives in Lisbon, Portugal. He began to demonstrate his passion for astronomy in early age, when he just had 12 years old. Since then, he became an amateur astronomer, but only in 1998 he started your astrophotography work. Presently, he has a long photo work in Astronomy, with a several published images in many reference internacional magazines, as well at the NASA´s website. Miguel Claro, collaborates monthly in the portuguese "Flight Magazine" with a full page in the section "The sky seen from Earth". The Magazine is available for sale in the portugueses airport cities, as well as in Africa and Brazil. The author, also like to shooting many other things that we can find in our Nature, and that he has the pleasure to share with you, in this Photography website.

Here you can find several images from Landscapes, Astronomical objects, Macro, and general Photography. If you would like to buy them, please Click Here

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Equipment used by the author:  Canon 50D and Canon 400D; Lens: Sigma EX-Series 10-20mm; Sigma 70-300mm APO; Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II, Canon 18-55mm; Angle "C" Viewfinder 1.25x-2.5x, Grip-BG-E2; Circular polarized filter; Cokin 830P Filter; Cullman tripod "high"; Sony R100 tripod "short"; Remote Switch. For Astronomy pictures, he also use a Meade ETX 90ec Maksutov telescope. To see images of the Equipment pelase, click here.


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